Palm Updates Palm Desktop

关键字:Palm Desktop Windows Mac Palm分别发布了Palm Desktop v4.2 for Win 和 Palm Desktop v4.2.1 RC for Mac . 下载Win版本下载Mac版本 原文: Palm has also updated the Windows version of the Palm Desktop to v4.2. The small updates doesn’t offer any new features, but offers an improved installation path for users that upgrade from a previous device. Palm Desktop 4.2 for Windows is available here. It is only compatible with the Treo 650, LifeDrive, Tungsten T3, T5, E, E2, and the Zire 31, 71, 72. The installation process has been improved for users that upgrade from a previous Palm device. It has a new wizard that can copy all previous information and software applications to a new device. It also can detect incompatible apps in the users backup folder in order to avoid conflicts. This installer is not meant for Treo 600 users or anyone who has the PocketMirror Standard conduits because this desktop installs the Outlook conduits meant for handhelds and smartphones which use the extended PIM applications. Palm support has released a small update to the Palm Desktop for the Mac OS X platform. The update adds better support for Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) and fixes a permission issue which can cause trouble with iSync. Palm Desktop 4.2.1 Rev C for Mac adds support for Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and additional handhelds that were not supported by version 4.2.1 Rev A. It also fixes file and folders permission issue which could impair iSync functionality when installing Palm Desktop without administrator rights.

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